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Review: A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker

A Match Made in High School

A Match Made in High School

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Fiona Sheehan is sure she is the unluckiest girl on Earth.

It's the first day of school and things couldn't be going worse. That is, until she gets to school and finds out that this year, in order to graduate, all seniors have to be part of a new mandatory course. Trying the Knot. This course is supposed to train the teenagers on how to act in a marriage and learn how to deal with many kinds of problems, and so, trying to aviod divorce. Names would be randomly selected, and the so-called couples would have to earn real cash in order to have a mock budget and mock possessions. Half of the total amount of real money would be divided between the couple that had the best evaluation and the other half would be donated to whatever charity the couple chose.

Fiona though it was all BS, but secretly she goped this would be her chance to get closer to her all-time crush, Gabe Webber. But, of course, she wasn't so lucky. He ended up being paired with her childhood arch enemy, Amanda Lowell. A pretty, blond, brainless cheerleader. And Fiona, the poor thing, got stuck with Amanda's "no-necked Neanderthal" of a boyfriend, Todd Harding.

Her new 'husband', Todd, is a real a-hole, fighting with her all the time, being downright mean and rude... but as they get used to each other, Fiona starts to enjoy their bickerings more and more. Even if he forced her to join the Cheerleading squad as one of their stupid mandatory activities for their mock marriage.

Fiona later finds out that her best (and only) friend, Marcie, was dating Gabe behind her back. She's furious and heart-broken, and ends up messing up her part in the cheering presentation and rudely turns down sweet Johnny Mercer's (Marcie's mock husband) declaration of affection.

In 'A Match Made in High-School' we watch as Fiona makes mistake after mistake, until she finally listens to her friends and see how selfish and self-centered she is. And changes for the best, finding happiness where she had never looked before.

This is a very cute, funny, quick and light story. An excellent read for younger audiences. Really, don't expect anything very deep and complex. Just quick fun.

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