Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Mammoth Book of Gorgeous Guys: Erotic Photographs of Men - Review

Over 500 erotic photographs of beautiful men by some of the world's leading photographers.
A stunning collection of over 500 erotic images of men from some of the world’s most outstanding photographers.

These male nudes and erotic portraits represent the best work of over 50 leading artists. This massive compendium is a worthy successor to the three volumes of erotic photographs of women previously published in the Mammoth series. Each photographer’s work reveals unique and innovative ways of capturing the beauty of the male body and bringing fresh eroticism to its form.


My Review:

Well, there isn't much to read in this book, if you know what I mean... LOL. But the art is really good.

It's very interesting to see how different artists portrait the male figure. How they challenge conventions.

Don't let the title and cover fool you, they are not all gorgeous in the conventional way. Most of them are actually kind of ugly (LOL, sorry, it's true!), but they're so confident, they have so much attitude and power, it draws you in.

These men are all so strong and, at the same time, so vulnerable. Not one picture is alike. There are black, white, asian, indian men, there are full-body photos, half-naked, sexual, non-sexual, full color, black and white, solo and group photos....

The artists whose works are included are (alphabetically) Jack Balas, Henning von Berg, Tom Bianchi, Libby Bulloff, Tony Butcher, Michael Childers, Julie Cook, Merri Cyr, Dennis Dean, Jay Eff, Robert Flynt, Zuleika Fray, Alex Gerry, David Gray, Conrad Hechter, Jay Jorgensen, Vim Kruger, Rob Lang, Jason Langer, Harriet Leibowitz, Edward Lucie-Smith, Christopher Makos, Vivienne Maricevic, Michele Martinoli, Elizabeth May, Glen Mitchell, Diana More, Katrine Neoromantika, Dianora Niccolini, Cat O'Nine Tails, Michael Palladino, Doralba Picerno, Eric Raptosh, Holly Revell, Roberto Rincon, Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte, Jan Saudek, Sara Saudkova, Jack Slomovits, James Stafford, Stanley Stellar, Britt Marie Trensmar, Arthur Tress, David Vance, William Yang, and David Zanes.

These lovely pages are from Michael Palladino's page.

From Sara Saudkova 
It's a great book for art lovers and for those who would like to start collecting.

And, as the editors say in the introduction: "There is no wrong or right way to look. The only mistake would be not to look. And wonder."

You can check a few more spicy pics here.


  1. This book is great!
    I have a little passion for photographs, and the ones of this book are really good.

  2. I know exactly what you liked about it. :P

  3. Uummm... how can you post this on your blog an not expect me to check it out... ;D

  4. LOL! I strongly recommend you check it out. Thoroughly. And alone. LOL ;D

  5. Um, I definitely want to check this book out. Haha.

  6. Cool. I like the one down.left. with the 2 guys sitting .with the circle thing in the backround.

    This is really interesthing

  7. Oh. My. God. I need one of these! LOL


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