Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recovery by Alexandrea Weis - Review

by Alexandrea Weis

Paperback, first, 296 pages
Published March 7th 2011 by CreateSpace (first published March 1st 2011)

A killer is lurking among the ruins of Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.
A killer she knows.
Still devastated two years after the mysterious murder of her beloved David Alexander, Nicci Beauvoir surprises everyone in the Big Easy by returning to her hometown with a new admirer: the cool and contentious Dallas August. But the attractive stranger is asking a lot of questions about David’s death, making Nicci’s family and friends speculate about his true intentions. Only Nicci knows that Dallas, a high-priced corporate spy, has come to New Orleans to flush out David Alexander’s killer. Playing the part of her lover, Dallas escorts Nicci around town hoping to get closer to his possible suspects. But hiding amid the city’s elite is a jealous maniac waiting to make Nicci suffer. As the days pass and the danger grows, Nicci’s relationship with the handsome spy turns from adversarial to amorous. Desperate to unearth the identity of David’s murderer, Nicci and Dallas decide to lure the killer out of the city for one final showdown. It is a deadly decision that could cost Nicci everything. But it may be her only chance for… Recovery.


My Review:

I won a signed copy of this book in a giveaway, so here's my honest review:

I really, really liked it!

The book is set on a post-Katrina New Orleans and the scenes of the French Quarter are heart-breaking.

The main character, Nicci, has just lost her lover, David. She's called by his old boss to meet Dallas, David's old friend and co-worker. The duo then start to investigate their dear one's murder under the disguise of a couple traveling for the holidays.

The web of mystery involving David's death seems to only grow... until it reaches a complex, though not entirely unexpected, ending.

The characters in this book were very special, funny and complex. They would make you laugh, would make you sad and then smile again.

This is the second book in the "Nicci Beauvoir series", but it works really well as a stand-alone (I should know, 'cause I started with this one, LOl), because the author does explain a lot about past events, but there are some gaps only those who have read the first book would understand.

It has everything! Great tension, romance, strong and problematic heroine and hero, and a great murder mystery. I loved all the great second characters! (Nicci's family will crack you up!). I'll look for book 1 and book 3, that's for sure.

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