Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Side of Heaven by Karen Robards - Review

This Side of Heaven by Karen Robards

Defiantly beautiful, Caroline Wetherby stepped ashore in a land so wild and fierce, she trembled. She had come seeking refuge with the last of her family, but her sister was dead. Waiting to greet her were pious Pilgrims, warring Indians, howling wolves, a boisterous household of men and boys...and him, her rugged, unwelcoming brother-in-law, Matt Mathieson. Caroline wanted to hate Matt as she hated all men.

After her father's death, she'd been eager to escape England. But as daughter of a gambler and a gypsy, her flamboyant ways and healing skills tempted disaster in the sanctimonious Connecticut Colony. And putting herself in the hands of a big, handsome stranger tempted something far more dangerous--emotions she couldn't resist, kisses she couldn't forget, and a future that could bring ruin...or a journey to heaven on earth in his arms.

My Review:

I really, really enjoyed it! The beginning was so funny, with so many rich characters, I was instantly drawn to it.

I caught myself really rooting for the main character, the poor young Caroline!

Matt, our hero, was a very nice man, and though realistic, the... personal private scenes among them were not exactly romance material, right, Ms, Robards? LOL. But he's forgiven.

The children were a bit annoying, but it was understandable, given the situation.

In my opinion, the end could have shown more of the other brothers' future and they could also have done something about the witch hunters, but it was a great and fast read. :)

Great light reading for a weekend.

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