Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forbidden Love by Karen Robards - Review

Forbidden Love by Karen Robards

He was her guardian, absentee landlord of her neglected life--until Megan Kinkead returned to Maam's Cross Court, determined to make Justin Brant notice her. She finally commanded the attention of the sixth Earl of Weston when she burst into his room and caught him stark naked in the tub. Suddenly she knew a woman's hunger--and a woman's needs....

When had the scrawny brat from hell become a fiery, raven-haired, violet-eyed temptress? Justin told himself she was still a child as she offered him a seductive yet innocent kiss. He tried to remind himself that he was her guardian, her protector. But the flashfire desire that blazed between them ignited a love neither had ever known before. Then he told her he was married....


My Review:

After I read and absolutely loved 'This Side of Heaven', by Robards, I thought I'd love Forbidden Love too... but I really hated the hero.

He was not only 20 years older than the heroine (she was 17, he was almost 40), he was already married to someone else, he was very mean, rude, he called her names, he repeatedly grabbed her arms forcefully and then he hit her, upsetting her so much she ran away from him and tripped, losing their baby. O.o That's not a hero. Sorry.

And the heroine was quite silly, too. But I guess a 17-year-old from that time couldn't be very opinionated or aggressive. The story could have been much better if the hero was at least a bit charming and not so violent.

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