Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wild Dawn - Review

Wild Dawn
by Cait Logan

An English lady abandoned in the American wilderness has no choice but to let herself be sold to a rugged frontiersman who needs her to raise his son, and slowly their basic needs grow into passionate untamed desires.


My Review:
4.5 stars

This is a really great book!! A gem I found at an used books store.

At first I was getting a bit mad at the hero, MacGregor, and was siding with Regina, but then we got to know his past a bit better and saw repeatedly how good he was, how gently he acted with his scrap of a baby and with her... mwell, my heart was completely lost to the man.

The plot was really interesting, with great characters appearing all the time, hot scenes between the main characters and there was also real development and growth from both of them.

I liked reading about the Indians at the time, how they suffered and fought. The author is very talented, indeed. Great descriptions.

At I was getting to the end of the book, Regina (or Violet) was starting to annoy me quite a bit, but I got her point of view, and she ended up redeeming herself... the end was really sweet.

I wish I could have Pierre and/or MacGregor for myself. I'll be reading it again soon. ;)

A quick, interesting, romantic reading.

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