Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Leader of Lors - Fawn Bonning

Excellent!!! (Really, you guys, learn NOT to judge a book by its cover! :D)

Here is my review of the first book.

*This lovely author was kind enough to send me a review copy of her new gem. I am very grateful!!*

   I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed the first one that it was pretty much implied that this one would be just as good. But it still managed to surprise me (yet again) by HOW great it was!!! Fawn's writing was already so pleasant and fluid in Heart of Hannen, that to see it evolving even more simply seemed impossible. Unnecessary, even. But what a delightful journey 'The Leader of Lors' was. A very bumpy one, full of shocking developments. I felt like I was on a roller coaster! There was never a dull moment. The descriptions were so poetic at times!! I, myself, almost wanted to see Atriia.
  Throughout the book, I was under the impression that I could see through Christa/Christine's eyes, that I could feel what she was feeling. Her anguish, fears, indecisions, powerlessness, her denied desires... if there is a word that describes her in this sequel is: TORN. She constantly feels distressed at finding herself back in this savage world, forced to follow her "brother" Sam/Hannen, when he shows up at her place (just when she finally decided to start a life with a normal guy!!) to kidnap their lita, I mean, their daughter. :P (I'm pretty much fluent in Atriian now. LOL).
Oh, her Becca. The way Fawn writes it, you can almost feel the warmth of a mother that is completely bewitched by her babe. It's lovely. Almost too much, just a tad suffocating, but REALISTIC. A mom who could almost smother you, she loves so much. LOL. And what a momma bear. Yet again, our loper of Zeria vanquishes several monsters (of the animal and human variety) to save herself and, most importantly, her sweet baby. It's all about Becca now.
   Buuuuut... Christine still gets a lot of mommy time (even if she doesn't WANT any), and let me tell you... the sexual tension in this book is electrifying! First, there's Hannen, that made her burn (and me, a bit, I admit), with just one intense look. Too bad for him, he doesn't get any this time. tsk,tsk. Shouldn't have stolen her baby like that, fraigen dropper. Now, our Lor of Zeria, one Jerrod, damn... in Christa's words, "it's like he never sleeps". That was one "evil" dude that was hard to hate. And our heroine agrees profusely. A pretty face, a hot bod and a very talented tongue sure can melt a lass... what a waste.
   You might feel a bit apprehensive after seeing the number of pages, but let me tell you, once you're closer to the end, you'll wish there were even MORE pages.
   I had a lot of fun reading this sequel, and cannot wait to see how this tale ends in the next book! Something tells me crazy Kenneth will come back... Miss Fawn Bonning, please write quickly. :)