Sunday, December 21, 2014

IMM - In My Mailbox

This month I got a few new babies from Amazon:

There was this whole mess about the breastfeeding scene in the cover, so OF COURSE I had to buy and read this comic to support Fiona Staples. XD
Oh, and one more Kresley Cole book to my collection!

My L.H. Cosway collection is complete. For now. (There's more to come in 2015! YAY!)

I also got "Waistcoats and Weaponry" AND the omnibus edition with the first three books from the Soulless collection, all from of one my fave authors, Gail Carriger!!! *-*
P.S.: The post-its are my favorite quotes from "Soulless", "Changeless" and "Blameless". :P

(Now I'm waiting for customs/local post office to release my baby deliver my "The Parasol Protectorate, vol. 2 - It contains the last two books of the series, "Heartless" and "Timeless".) I seriously LOVE Alexia and Conall. And Lord Akeldama. And on and on it goes... ^_^

And here's my Schnauzer, yawning, as a cute bonus. :P

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!