Sunday, October 12, 2014

One of my favorite book quotes

Susan Price : If I had the wings of a swan, over these stony hills I would fly. I would fly to the arms of my true love, and there I'd be happy to die. love, romantic, happy. Meetville Quotes

This lovely and touching quote is from The Sterkarm Handshake, one of my favorite books of all time.

This other amazing quote is from the sequel:

"For there's sweeter rest 
On a true love's breast 
Than any other where." - The Sterkarm Kiss

Susan Price, we love you and need the third book! XD Pleeeeeease!! <3

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Book Review and Recommendation: Still Life With Strings (5 Stars)

L.H. Cosway

     My first book by L.H. Cosway was Painted Faces, which I LOVED, and so I just had to go and read every single other book she has ever written. That's when I found THIS baby here. I mean, just look at that COVER!!! It gives me chills! Butterflies in the stomach!! Makes my heart squeeze painfully with its beauty/peacefulness/promise.
    Now, let me tell you: the actual book has everything this perfect cover conveyed!! A super talented hottie with a dramatically painful past. I mean, the violin!? THAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC INSTRUMENT EVAH!!
And our heroine!!! Cosway ALWAYS hits the mark with them! They're ordinary women, but with a TWIST! She "stands still for money". Isn't that intriguing? And admirable. I couldn't do it. :) (But then again I don't have a problematic/charming family to support). ;D

   And when they MEET!!! Woooeh. Sparks flew from my book!! Suuuuuuuuper sexy and unexpected! They are so cute and adorable and difficult and painful together! I simply fell in love with them! Also, let's not forget the music! The way it was described, the things the characters felt while playing/listening to it... it almost brought tears to my eyes! It was as if I was there. :D I've always enjoyed classic music, and the violin was always my favorite (am I repeating myself?), but Cosway made me see things under a different light now. Things just got much more... enjoyable and special.

    Not many books will actually manage to touch you, or to change you a little bit, like this one. I couldn't possibly recommend this author MORE!!!

*I wasn't paid to write this and used my own copy for review. XD*

This book is now available in this special ebook bundle, Rockers After Dark.