Thursday, October 02, 2014

Book Review and Recommendation: Still Life With Strings (5 Stars)

L.H. Cosway

     My first book by L.H. Cosway was Painted Faces, which I LOVED, and so I just had to go and read every single other book she has ever written. That's when I found THIS baby here. I mean, just look at that COVER!!! It gives me chills! Butterflies in the stomach!! Makes my heart squeeze painfully with its beauty/peacefulness/promise.
    Now, let me tell you: the actual book has everything this perfect cover conveyed!! A super talented hottie with a dramatically painful past. I mean, the violin!? THAT IS THE MOST ROMANTIC INSTRUMENT EVAH!!
And our heroine!!! Cosway ALWAYS hits the mark with them! They're ordinary women, but with a TWIST! She "stands still for money". Isn't that intriguing? And admirable. I couldn't do it. :) (But then again I don't have a problematic/charming family to support). ;D

   And when they MEET!!! Woooeh. Sparks flew from my book!! Suuuuuuuuper sexy and unexpected! They are so cute and adorable and difficult and painful together! I simply fell in love with them! Also, let's not forget the music! The way it was described, the things the characters felt while playing/listening to it... it almost brought tears to my eyes! It was as if I was there. :D I've always enjoyed classic music, and the violin was always my favorite (am I repeating myself?), but Cosway made me see things under a different light now. Things just got much more... enjoyable and special.

    Not many books will actually manage to touch you, or to change you a little bit, like this one. I couldn't possibly recommend this author MORE!!!

*I wasn't paid to write this and used my own copy for review. XD*

This book is now available in this special ebook bundle, Rockers After Dark.

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  1. I was gonna comment on the cover , but you took the words.
    Your review definitely knows how to get me interested in the book, good job !:D
    I'm very curious about the heroin now.


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