Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Review/Recommendation: Dangerous by Amanda Quick


      This baby here was one of those masterpieces one finds every once in a while in used book stores. :) I've always been a fan of Amanda Quick (strangely enough, I've never cared much for Jayne Ann Krentz. Crazy, I know, seeing as they are one and the same. XD. Anyways...). It hooked from the very first page, something that doesn't happen so often, and managed to amuse and entertain me for hours on end! I admit, and if you've read more than a couple of books by this author you would know what I mean, that there were some clichés/some sort of formula very common in her stories:
       A wallflower/serious studying type of woman+ a DANGEROUS/adventurous sort of man, or vice versa. 
        But the thing is: it WORKED quite well this time! I don't know if Amanda/Jayne was especially inspired while writing it, or if maybe I was the one in a good mood (I've noticed that a reader's mood does reflect on a book's quality/final rating sometimes. :P), whatever it was, it was my favorite among all the other historicals she wrote (and I've read almost all of them).
         The Fallen Angel, Lord Angelstone, was such a complex, intriguing, delicious character! I was already half in love with the guy after only a handful of chapters!! And Prue!!! It's been SO LONG since I've felt a real connection with a heroine! She was actually LIKEABLE! It probably did help, I'm afraid, that she had a terrible sense of style, was way too intelligent for her own good and had a taste for "spectral phenomena", all reasons for her being labeled as an "Original" by the ton. I really adored her!!        And the two of them together were perfection!!
        It's couples like these, that complement each other, having snarky and smart conversations, as well as smoldering intimate scenes (all pretty tame and romantic, but INTENSE!!) that give me some hope (or at least some desire) for a serious relationship of my own. Not that you would care. :P LOL.

Point is: I LOVED the romance in this one!!! I could actually SEE/FEEL the characters falling for each other. So adorable, funny, amusing and touching. A masterpiece!! Please, if you're in the mood for a GREAT book, give this one a try.

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  1. If I find it in a used bookstore I might give it a try ;)
    I don't really care for this genre and I'm sure there's hope for you yet :P


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