Sunday, November 01, 2015

Books and Bookmarks

I always buy my imported books online, and they hardly ever come with bookmarks, so I have to make do with the ones I find here, in my own country, after the titles are translated and published locally. Even though, these bookmarks are not easy to come by. We have groups on Facebook where we do trades. LOL. Some are extremely rare, and people even buy/auction them, sometimes. 
The few American ones I do have are thanks to a lovely friend from Portugal I met on one of those groups, and she gave/sold me some of the "swag" she got from authors for her blog. She has so much awesome stuff!!!
If you're curious to see some of my books and bookmarks from my collections, here are a few pictures. ;) 

 Interesting to see such different covers, huh?

 Loved this book!

 I must say, I almost fell over when I opened this book and a bookmark fell out! I got it from Book Depo, but something like this had never happened before. Thanks for the treat, Penguin!

 How not to love this series?

 In this case, these are all in the same language. You guys cannot even begin to imagine how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find manga bookmarks. You have to almost literally sell your soul (and go to events in other states and sign up to entire manga collections just in hope to get one or two. It's insane).

Looking forward to reading this one. :3

I know, it's not the right book, but it's such a rare bookmark, I had to show it off.

After Julia Quinn recently came to our country, her publishing house printed more of her previously hard-to-find bookmarks, and I got them in a trade with a nice girl from one of those FB groups I mentioned before. In my particular city, I can never find anything good in the three (THREE!) small bookstores we have. That's what happens when you live in a country that isn't so keen on reading, and you can't exactly afford to live in a capital. 

Funny how they decided on an entirely different theme for the covers.

They just seem so much more... grown up, I guess.

More realistic.

This is a super, SUPER rare bookmark, and an awesome friend of mine, Nat, one of the few who also enjoy reading books in their original language, traded it with me. <3 We've been trading books in English for years, and now moved on to bookmarks as well. :D

LOVE you, L.H. Cosway!!! Still can't believe I won one of your giveaways and that the prize actually made its way to me!!! Thanks for not sucking in this particular case, Brazilian IRS. I'll never forgive you for losing/stealing so many of the books I've ordered/won in these last 5 years. NEVER, I say.

Again, I know, entirely different series, but it's the same author! :P

Hah! Even a magnet! So cute. Thanks, Raquel! (My friend from Portugal) 

More sweetness from Raquel.


Damn, I love this author!!! I cried so much with this book!

Those are actually stickers, but... :P

Aaaand we're done for today. :)