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A Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill - Review

A Dixie Christmasby Sandra Hill

Kindle Edition, 100 pages
Published November 16th 2011 by Bell Bridge Books

New York Times Bestselling romance author Sandra Hill offers a special Xmas treat to her readers: two sexy, romantic novellas set in the land of Moonlight, Magnolias . . . and Santa Claus. In Blue Christmas, an uptight Boston businessman arrives in Memphis, Tennessee determined to sell the oddball "Blue Suede Suites" hotel he's inherited. Instead he lands in a pile of complications when he steps in the wrong spot at the Elvis-themed live Nativity scene on his property. Recovering from a concussion, he finds himself in the care of a gorgeous good ol' girl dairy farmer. And suddenly, all his plans begin to melt. . . In Jinx Christmas, a handsome and famous NASCAR driver shows up in his ex-wife's Louisianna town determined to win her back, even if it means using the matchmaking advice of an outlandish Cajun godmother and her far-from-conservative tactics.


My Review:

Who knew Scrooge could be so hot?

In Blue Christmas, Clayton Jessup III (described as a young version of Richard Gere, but taller) inherits a hotel named The Blue Suedes Suites. His father, a conservative Wall Street investment banker, had bought it 35 years ago and kept it a secret, until he died and his son became the owner.

Clayton hates everything Elvis and country music related. Oh, and he has no Christmas spirit whatsoever. Especially if it involves an Elvis-themed live Nativity scene in the vacant lot (which he also owns) by his 'new' hotel.

Annie Fallon (who supposedly looks like a younger, prettier version of Julia Roberts), the only girl among 5 brothers, was hoping to earn some money to save the family's farm. And what a better way to earn it than to dress like a 60's Virgin Mary, big hair and all that? Well, that was the plan, until Mr.Jessup slipped on a pile of sheep dung in her Nativity scene and twisted his ankle. LOL

The brothers were all very interesting characters, especially Chet, the handsome single father, and Roy, the veterinarian student. Clay was a bit annoying at first, with all the 'humphs' and 'harrumphs', but he was very cute with Annie, even if they were came from very different backgrounds. The few sex scenes were very tasteful.

In Jinx Christmas, the second story in the book, Lance Caslow, a famous NASCAR driver, wanted his ex-wife back after their divorce 5 years ago.

Brenda wanted nothing more to do with him, 'the cheating bastard', but, as things go with romance stories, he ended up winning her heart (and their little girl's) back.

It was annoying to read her complaining about how she thought she was fat. Size ten isn't fat, honey. Try size 18 and up.

Tante Lulu, the cajun healer, was a laugh-a-minute character. I happened to like her more than I did the main characters.

I didn't like the second story as much as the first, but the ending was different, creative, and to me it made the whole story worth it. I mean, that strip-tease... woohoo!

I was given this ebook in exchange for an honest review by Netgalley.

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