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Review: Chubby Girl Hot! by Michelle Fawkes

Chubby Girl Hot!Chubby Girl Hot!
Michelle Fawkes

Katie is smart, attractive, and has a good job. She's a computer geek and graphic designer for a major corporation. People tell her she's pretty. And they always tell her she has a "great personality."
But Katie is chubby. And society has decreed that being chubby equals second class citizen. That's okay with Katie. She has dreams like everyone, but she's accepted her lot in life and makes the best of it. She knows she'll never get married or even have a real boyfriend, other than as a friend with sometimes benefits. Her life moves along in a quiet, predictable rut.
Until one day...


My Review

Katie is a talented graphic designer. She's funny, she's smart and she's pretty... but her extra pounds make her feel very self-conscious.

When her recurrent "friend with benefits", Freddie, tells her he's moving to another state, she finds herself in need of a new 'fuck buddy'... and she wants Brad, the new IT manager at her company.

And Brad wants her, too. He asks her out for lunch. They talk, have lots of fun together, discover many things in common and decide to go out again, this time for dinner. After a lovely dinner out, things start to get really hot. For one night, Katie forgets about her restraints about her weight and has fun. And really great sex... but with the next morning comes the light of the sun and the reality sinks in. He's incredibly handsome and she's overweight.

Katie starts to push him away, no matter how much it hurts her. She goes out dancing to try and have some fun, but comes upon him kissing Regina, the evil marketing manager that always treats her like a zero and bothers her about her weight. She's devastated and leaves, but her best friend, Bibi, goes to deal with Brad, telling him about how much of an idot he is, about Katie seeing him with Regina, and that she loves him. Brad goes after Katie to explain that the other woman came on to him out of nowhere and to tell her he loves her.

It was nice to read about a real woman with a real body for once. It's a very short story, but it was interesting and certainly hot. There were a few editorial mistakes but nothing that got in the way of the story, but what did bother me was how fast the characters were to say 'I love you'... but that's usually how it goes with most romance novels, I guess.

Chubby Girl Hot! makes for a nice, light and quick read for before bed or to just pass the time. The story continues in  Chubby Girl's Vacation and Chubby Girl's Wedding.

*I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy for review.*

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