Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekly Manga Recommendation #5 - Skip Beat! 1 by Yoshiki Nakamura

by Yoshiki Nakamura

Paperback, 184 pages
Published July 5th 2006 by VIZ Media LLC

Kyoko always thought that Sho, whose family took her in when she was small, was her prince charming. However, when Sho heads for Tokyo to make it big as a musician, Kyoko goes with him and has to quit high school to support his dream. But soon, being in the big city makes Kyoko realize that she has show business ambitions of her own!


This manga was really one of the best finds for me. The drawings are so amazing! The mangaka can make you explode with laughter with just the characters' expressions! :D

But unlike most manga, the art here is not the most important thing (though it is pretty good). The plot is. The storyline is very well thought of (you find yourself really WANTING to know what happens next, really caring about the characters), the characters are all greatly written, they're complex, full of feelings and they touch your heart. I've never felt this way about fictional people before. O.o  I just want them to be happy in life and together. LOL

Kyoko is my favorite heroine of all. She's dark, she's funny, she becomes unbelievably strong, and yet, you feel sorry for her and want to help her. Or kick her. Well, both. LOL.

Ren, the hero, has a special place in my heart. He's gorgeous, talented and kind-hearted. And had a very rough past we're only now starting to learn about. I love him.

Like I said, all the characters are very rich and interesting, but the main ones always stuck you more. :) You'll love them, I can bet my right arm on it. LOL

Here are some unbelievably funny screens:

Don't you just love those crazy faces? And the little voices inside her head? And how she crushes them? LMAO! You can see how she grows a backbone and stands up to the bully.

And here you can see how cute and 'flexible' she can be when she wants something. :D

The anime version is very good, too. But I still prefer the manga.

This is, no doubt about it, one of the best mangas I ever had the pleasure to read (and I've read quite a lot...). I am proud to say I own the complete collection up to now (it's still ongoing, with already over 25 published volumes and more planned for next year).

If you have to read ONE manga your whole life, please let it be this one. ;)

*I'm not being paid in any way to gush over this title, I just really want you to read so you can see for yourself how outstanding it is. :P *


    This one is soooo funny. I haven't been keeping up with it though (stopped reading manga a while ago). I think the last part I read was the Valentine's day.

  2. It IS funny. ;) Oh, you should try to catch up with it. It gets better and better. (more romance).


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