Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekly Manga Recommendation #4 - My Heavenly Hockey Club 1 by Ai Morinaga

by Ai Morinaga


Hana Suzuki loves only two things in life: eating and sleeping. So when handsome classmate Izumi Oda asks Hana–his major crush–to join the school hockey club, persuading her proves to be a difficult task. True, the Grand Hockey Club is full of boys–and all the boys are super-cute–but given a choice, Hana prefers a sizzling steak to a hot date. Then Izumi mentions the field trips to fancy resorts. Now Hana can’t wait for the first away game, with its promise of delicious food and luxurious linens. Of course there’s also the getting up early, working hard, and playing well with others. How will Hana survive?


 Hana cracks me up so bad! :D When she's not sleeping, she's eating. And the guys are so cute! (Especially Izumi, the pitiful lover boy.) They're all filthy rich and their hockey club is more of 'travel club', because they can't/won't really play. Hana, being the only poor person in the club (and a huge opportunist) enjoys the free travels and great food. When she wakes up in time for them, of course.

Ai Morinaga is a great comedy mangaka and her drawings are pretty good too, particularly the eyes. She can make the most beautiful, expressive eyes! *-* She has a couple of other manga series being published in the USA right now, so if you want a quick, funny read, you can have your pick.

Unfortunately, Del Rey has stopped publishing My Heavenly Hockey Club after volume 8. That's a real pity. Now I don't know what happens... >.> But it was AWESOME while it lasted.

Do you have any manga recommendations to me? I'd love to hear them. ;)

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  1. You should read Nana or the old ones, like Saint Seiya *_*


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