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Review: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma



My Review
4 stars 

Many people liked this book. I didn't so much. It literally ruined my day. It made me so, so depressed and heartbroken. I gave it 3 stars because the writing was great, the story was creative, the characters clearly had soul and content, but if I had to go with my heart I'd give it a 1.

The first 160 pages were hell to go through. Lochan Whitely was not a likeable character. I'm sorry, but I couldn't grow to like him much. I felt sorry for him, sometimes cheered for him, but most of the time all I really wanted to do was give him a good shake. Or a slap.

He had an anxiety problem, a social phobia, and I get it. But that doesn't give him the right to be such a douche. He whined, he had too many outbursts (maybe becasue he held so much inside all the time?)... he was almost psychotic at times. And bipolar at others. Such a confusing character.

And he could be very mean to Myra, his older sister. Out of nowhere he would go and say something stupid or very hurtful. I have to admit it, he was a good brother. He deeply cared for his siblings, took very good care of them, he was a very promising student, had a good heart, he was attarctive and all... but I CAN'T forgive some very bad choices he made. I can't. I swear, I might hold a grudge against this character for the rest of my life.

Myra was kind. Almost too much. She would never fight or raise her voice, she wouldn't complain or stand up to her drunk, selfish, completely irresponsible and heartless mother. All for the good of keeping her siblings together and Child Service away. I can't even begin to fathom how she did it. I would have started going crazy very soon, had I been in her shoes.

That's one of the things I thought were very weird about this book. The hero, Lachan, was a walking pile of nerves, and the heroine, Maya, sometimes came out a bit... numb. They do grow noticeably in the book, though. Lachan starts coming out his shell, Maya starts yelling at him a bit (LOL), finally speaking her mind.

They share a beautiful, if forbidden and dangerous, love. We start cheering for them madly... things start to look good and then BAM.

The book ends in a very sudden, dramatic way.

Ok, now a bit of of spoiler alert. (highlight to read). Maybe I was too naïve to expect a happy ending, but I certainly never thought it would be so tragic. Romeo and Juliet comes to mind. Why didn't they lock the fucking door? Argh! Not to mention, he was the only sibling with dark hair and different colored hair. And his sister was born so soon after him... I really thought maybe they weren't siblings after all. Or maybe had different fathers. Or something. But I definitely never saw THAT coming.

Like I said before, the beggining of this book was enough to make me (repeatedly) consider giving it up. But I bravely endured. LOL. And it payed off. The love scenes were beautiful, romantic, poetic, of very good taste. I never once thought: "They're siblings. That's gross.". I'm not sure if it's because I have no older, male siblings and can't understand, or if their love really was above all those stupid, prejudiced beliefs.

What I can say for sure is that the author didn't have to make it such a tragedy. It didn't have to be perfect, they didn't have to end up together, but things could have been different.

If you like your realist fiction as a young adult with romance, family problems, lots of drama and taboo relationships, try Forbidden. 

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