Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who Decided Brown Eyes/Hair Are Ugly?

After I saw this post by Renae: "Respiring Thoughts: Who Decided Brown Eyes Are Ugly?" I started getting very pissed off, right along with her.

She says:

"In portraying brown-eyed/brown-haired girls who are never okay with how they look, authors appear to tell readers that brown-eyed/brown-haired girls are not as beautiful as blond girls.

That’s not okay with me."

Well, it's not okay with me either!!!

Aren't most people on Earth now dark-haired and/or even dark-eyed? What's with the majority of characters in books being blond or red-haired? 

Every time I open a book, the chances of reading about a light haired heroine are, well, too damn high.

I mean, all I see is:

And that bothers me. It does make me me feel ugly/self-conscious for having brown hair. Not just ugly, but unwanted. I mean, all those tall, dark heroes want is a pretty blonde/redhead? What about the rest of us? Funny about that is: most heroes are dark-haired. And even dark-eyed. Now if that's not a double standard, then I don't know what is.

And there is something that is even more confusing. Everytime I read about one of those pretty light-haired heroines, I immediately turn to the author's page. And do you know what I almost always see? A picture of a dark-haired writer there. Sure, I get it that authors should write about women different from themselves, but if they all write about the same kind of heroine... then where's the fun in that?

I admit it. I have trouble enjoying certain titles because I just can't symphatize with the poor pretty blond/reddish beauty queen sometimes. Sure, I try to focus on other things (like plot or the hero, for instance), but it still ruins quite a few stories for me. Every once in a while I just want to read about a simple brunette, ok? Is that too much to ask? 

I do have issues concerning blondness, that's for sure. LOL. I was not born one and never forgave my father for not giving me his hair and blue eyes, so I'm specially rebelious on this subject. :P I am more accepting now that I'm older, and started to learn to love the contrast of my dark hair and eyes on my paler skin, but it wasn't easy. In my country everybody seems to be coloring their hair blonde... even the African descendents (same goes for famous singers nowadays. Nicki Minaj and Beyonce get whiter and blonder everyday...). But I digress. (I do that a lot.).

What do you think? Does it bother you, too? 


  1. Haha, it's strange, reading this, because while blonde, esteemless girls and Mary Sues have become synonomous, I personally have the opposite problem.... Many of my heroines have dark hair. Yet I am naturally blonde... hm....

    1. LOL! We can never be happy, I guess. I honestly never thought of Mary Sues as blond women. I just always saw them as a collection of stupid behavior and annoyingly perfect bodies. Someone who is instantly loved and wanted by everyone, with no effort made, but who at the same time feels sorry for themselves. Like Bella and, well, Bella², Anna Steele. Coincidently they are both brunettes. LOL.

  2. Interesting thoughts, but true!! And as a redhead, I have to say I get pissed at all the redhead heroines, because there are NOT that many of us out there. Authors need to stop overpopulating our species. Also, we are not all buxom bombshells. Some of us are actually not trying to get laid every 5 seconds, believe it or not.

    1. LOL! What? Are you telling me you don't have a perfetc body and that you don't lose your mind (and clothes) every 5 seconds? Nooooo! :P
      I forgot about that part... they are not only all blondes and redheads, they are all steoreotyped, too.

  3. I have noticed that somewhat, that the heroines are mostly blond with blue eyes. But I always overlook this and try to enjoy the characteristic of the heroin and the story itself.
    Looks have never bothered me in characters. One thing that does bother me is always finding that characters names are often western or common names. I often find names that even my friends carry(so they have somehtng in common). I never find my own name.
    why can't there ever be a dark haired/brown-eyed bad ass ninja named Risma?!!

    1. So now I know your real name. mwahahaha haha. *evil laugh*. I never once found a character named Karla (or even Carla), either. Just an evil stepmom once. But that doesn't count. LOL. I'm reading the Gathering Storm and those russian names are being a pain in my butt... but in a nice way, I guess. Wait, that didn't sound right... :P

    2. haha *sobers up.. no it didn't ;P

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  5. Don´t worry, that shit is part of the mental programming from hollywood and all the media for morons thing. Besides, blondes-blue have not the beautiful proportional bodies or facial features that "brown" people usually have, they´re all usually of that germanish piggy color and flaccid skin.

  6. blondes are not hot!! why is megan fox and angelina jolie more popular than kristen dust and reese witherspoon? even marilyn monroe isnt a natural blonde
    there is nothing cute about blondes! they all look alike and have boring faces!


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