Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: The Nature of Cruelty by L.H. Cosway

   I started this book mentally prepared to hate it. I mean, a guy that treats a girl like crap for years then turns out to lurv her? I wasn't so sur, even though I simply ADORE this author and after Painted Faces and Still Life with Strings I have started to think she can do no wrong. Well, turns out I was right. No, not about hating it, but in saying that Cosway really can do no wrong.

   If it were any other author, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to BELIEVE in the hero's feelings of love, regret and, well, cruelty/remorse for his actions, or to even accept his side in things. But (I might be repeating myself, and NO, I'm not being paid to say these things), in this case, with this author, things just... fit, their relationship felt true and real and palpable (it also doesn't hurt that the chemistry between them was immense), I could almost SEE them together, hear them an feel what they were feeling, it was so perfectly and realistically written. (their characters always have something that makes you feel a connection with them, be it their sexuality, their problematic backgrouds, their daddy/mommy issues, their health problems, suicide attempts, diabetes... how can you not fall in love with stories like these?).

It looks like 2014 is the year I break my snobbish book rules.

1) I will not read and/or enjoy books with assholes for heroes. CHECK
2) I don't care much for contemporary romances. CHECK (This has to be the fourth or five I've really enjoyed so far this year, and the third one by L.H. Cosway alone).
3) I don't like older heroes. CHECK (Well, in this case the age difference is only of 2 years, so... but still... well, let's keep going).
4) I don't care much for heroes with brown eyes and hair. (Okay, I know this may sound just a tad bit prejudicial to you, but in my country it is extremely rare to find people with light-colored eyes, so EXCUSE ME for fantasizing about something 'rare' in my life, okay? Besides, I have had terrible experiences with men with these characteristics, so it is possible I'm transferring stuff here. But I digress). CHECK (Robert was so hot I quickly got over his appearance.
5) ... I can't remember other examples of book snobbishness (is that a word?) and other weirdness of my part right now, but I'm sure I'll come back with something. I keep getting bitchier with my old age. XD

Anyways, this book really got me by surprise, proving to me that if it's from a good author, even stuff you expect not to like will manage to get to you and change your expectations and perspectives on things. I was afraid to start this title and then feel disappointed... now I'm sad I finished it. >.<' LOL (Good thing "Six of Hearts" is out!!). *runs and grabs a copy*

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