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Review of Shattered by Kevin Hearne

Shattered by Kevin Hearne

Shattered (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #7)
by Kevin Hearne

CAUTION. Several exclamation points ahead.

#fangirling #squealing I LOOOOOOVE Atticus and Oberon!!! Kevin Hearne is definitely my favorite author in the whole bookniverse! Everytime I check my Facebook I am FORCED to go look at whatever it is he's talking about at the moment. And it always makes me laugh! :D I mean, TACO CHURCH, you guys? Need I say it? Count me in.

And seven books later (I gulped them all up like a dehydrated dog in the middle of the summer. It took me less than a week to finish them all. I need a refill here, Mr, Hearne. But no pressure. Just a bit.), things just keep getting better! I was prepared to hate his archdruid, I truly was (turns out I just sort of dislike him now, alternating with moments when I kinda do like him. It's pure insanity inside my head, so go figure.). It gave me unexpected pleasure to see him struggling in the modern world. I kept laughing out loud, to which my mom and dog kept sending me "WTF" looks. They still have no idea what they were missing. Just saying.

I do like the changing POVs, I do. And more importantly, I see how they are needed now, buuuut I sort of miss just 'listening' to Atticus and Oberon. (and I mean 'listening' to them in my head, like a normal crazy reader, thank you very much, and not like an audiobook thing, 'cause I don't care for those). So. Yeah. I miss those days. Like I still miss the Morrigan. Huh. I was so excited at the beginning of this review, now I'm getting bitter. And waaay off track. Let me get back on the horse. (speaking of which, the new chapter title designs -wolfhound, bear and horse- were amazing!).

Granuaile (Yes, I know what you're thinking. And for your info, I DID have to check my spelling. I always feel like I'm missing a couple of consonants. :P) going out into the big bad world on her own was very interesting to see. I felt super sorry for her, what with her dad and all, 'cause I like her as well (I HATE THIS BITCH, STAY AWAY FROM MY ATTICUS OR I'LL STAB YOU WITH YOUR OWN SWORD, AND I AIN'T KIDDING!) and her new irish wolfhound is so seriously adorbs as well (I WANT TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO MY DOG LIKE THAT!!!!!!). BTW, if you're not a dog lover already, after these books, you WILL BE.

It always suprises (and amuses) me to see what all the other gods are up to (usually nothing good, as it appears) in Atticus' world . Poor thing. Thankfully you weren't alone this time, huh?

Aaaand watch me digressing yet again.

Did you read all that? I know you didn't, so here's what it's all about:

KEVIN HEARNE IS A GOD , GO BUY ALL HIS BOOKS, YOU WON'T REGRET IT. Just make sure you start reading them very early in the morning, during a lazy weekend or your vacations, 'cause that's all you'll do all day. Promise.

Now, shoo. I have to go get me some Imortali-tea. Oh, and I have to scrape up enough money$$ to buy these pretties:

Atticus's Necklace
Granuaile's Iron Necklace

(So, if you're feeling generous... :P)


  1. Haha! Great review! I love you enthusiasm! I love this series as well and still have to read this one myself! Hoping my memory of the last book comes back to me as I read it though! Been too many books since I read that last one! Again, great review!

  2. Hi Karla, can I borrow your books? lol
    Miss you, girl! I tried to call the other day but your phone number was said not to exist... I tried to send an e-mail and it failed...
    I invited you and the old dvd club "gang" to watch Alice (Tim Burton) someday now in our vacations...
    XOXO - send your mamma and cute pet a kiss and a hug as well!

  3. This series has been recommended to me more than once. I got the first book, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I should make it a priority since I hear such great things about the series.
    Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook


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