Friday, August 15, 2014

Quickie Review: Fire by Kristin Cashore


   I enjoyed Graceling, but Fire... Fire was simply fantastic. She was the kind of character we were all supposed to hate. I mean, she's pure perfection, simply gorgeous, amazing hair, everybody wants her, the king and her super handsome best friend are crazy about her, blablahblah... but we just can't hate her. Because she's also beautiful on the inside. (YES, I know how corny it is, I can hear myself inside my head, thanks). The thing is, it's true. She too cool, too funny and too nice to be just another Mary Sue. Oh, and her love interest is a simple guy, plain in appearances, but with a huge heart. Have I mentioned he has a young daughter? So, YUP. So many non-cliche stuff in this book. I was enchanted by this world, very different from the graceling one, even if we have a terribly frightening little psycho with a red eye. (that little creep freaked me out, seriously).
    Oh, and there's a dog, a fiddle, evil fathers who can be good to their daughters, weird and fascinating monsters who know when Fire is menstruating and young people getting pregnant while others get sterile, and the royalty washing their dirty laundry twenty years after the scandals... it's so much amazeballs. And let's not forget: the cover is gorgeous, and actually has a connection to the story..

I could't put it down.

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