Saturday, August 25, 2012

Perfect place to read a book / Randomness

Perfect place to read a book
That looks so comfy... I'll add that to my 'Perfect House' fold. :P

P.S.: Now that my blogger friends have spoken, I realize it would need cushions. LOL. But I believe the position would be good for long reading periods. ;)


  1. Honestly, idk if I'd like to read there haha. It is of wood ._. it must hurt the butt haha. But anyway, reading beside the window is always nice \o.

  2. I agree with Helena, doesn't look Butt-friendly. But I'd but one of those fluffy blankets and then sit down to read.

  3. yeah my butt would hate me afterwards but i'd totally love to have that in my house anyways just to look at it!

  4. With the right cushion it would be great!

    Beth ^_^


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