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Manga Rec #11: Black Bird, Vol. 1 by Kanoko Sakurakouji

Black Bird, Vol. 1
Black Bird, Vol. 1 
(Black Bird #1)
by Kanoko Sakurakouji

Published August 4th 2009 by VIZ Media LLC

High school is hard enough, even under the best of circumstances. Misao Harada would love a normal high school life, but she has been burdened with the sight since childhood—a gift that allows her to see a world of myth and magic that surrounds ours. Lonely and somewhat mournful, Misao finds her world turned upside down when she reconnects with her childhood friend and first love Kyo and finds out that he is the head of a demon clan. As luck would have it, Misao is the bride of prophecy whose blood gives power to the demon who claims her. While other demon clans target her intending to consume her power, Kyo gives her the choice to become his bride and enjoy his protection. The tension between the two characters as they stave off supernatural forces is intriguing, and readers will no doubt long for Misao to become Kyo's bride. Sakurakoji's art is very romantic and the characters are almost painfully beautiful; fans will have no difficulty falling for Kyo's good looks and charm.

Viz Media LLC


My Review

4 stars

Misao Harada can see things that others can't. Demons and other supernatural beings, but she does her best to ignore them. She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend. 

But one day one of those beings attack her, and Kyo, her childhood friend reappears and saves her. He heals her wounds with his tongue and explains to her that he is a Tengu (a sort of demon crow samurai, our 'Black Bird'), and that she is 'The Senka' (the bride of prophecy), and her blood will give power to the demon clan who claims her.

But most demons want to eat her in order to absorb her power. Now Misao is just trying to stay alive... and decide if she likes it when Kyo licks her wounds. It goes like this: Every 100 years, a human is born with blood powerful enough to prolong a Youkai's (demon) life and it's meat can offer immortality to whatever clan owns him/her. If that human is married within the clan, he/she will bring prosperity to it. 

Black Bird is a very sensual manga, but it takes a LOT of time for something to actually happen. The author is great at building tension and making the characters work around it.

There are many hilarious moments, especially with Misao, who blushes very easily and, so, is always teased. 

There are really nice battle scenes, too. But the most interesting thing about the manga is the japanese folklore. We see all kinds of youkai such as the Kitsune (fox spirit), snake demons and other kinds of  'nightmare creatures'.  Misao can be a bit of a pain, but the story is very addictive. :)

If you like supernatural manga with good art, romance, drama and a great story, go for it.


  1. Ohh, this sounds awesome. I love the art! Will be adding this to the other recs you made to me. :)

  2. I don't read much anime, but this looks good. Thanks for review.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. This is ONE of my favourite series. The series causes lots of nosebleeds! Kyo Usui is one of my favourite male characters in manga.

    I'll try not to give anything away, but I should tell you it warn you it gets a little more 'adult' later non. Nothing very bad but many questionable scenes.

    I love Kanoko Sakurakoji's style. You should read Backstage Prince. It's only 2 volumes long. Pretty good story.


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