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Review: A Love Beyond Time by Judie Aitken

A Love Beyond Time
A Love Beyond Time
by Judie Aitken

When anthropologist Ryan Burke joins a dig at the site of Little Big Horn, she realizes that not everyone is excited about the opportunity. Renowned Indian affairs lawyer Dillon Wolf wants to shut the project down. But when Ryan is given an old tribal tipi, she journeys to the past -- where the tension between her and a Lakota warrior named Wolf erupts...into passion.


My Review

I am a sucker for romantic time-travel books. Really, that's almost an understatement. I mean, who wouldn't prefer a manly warrior or a cultured 'Don Juan' to these brainless twits in their 'YOLO' shirts, and pants hanging half-off their hips, and wearing so much 'bling' it's almost blinding? That's why I prefer to escape reality with my books.

The first part of A Love Beyond Time is a bit slow, I won't lie. I almost put it down a couple of times. But, luckly, I did not. This one had to have been one of the most amazing books I've read in quite a while. It had everything! EVERYTHING a good time-travel romance should have. I was immersed in the Native American culture, I lived their lives, I saw their language, could almost hear their voices, feel their pain and happiness. And I fell in love with Wolf right along with Ryan (love the boy name for the heroine, BTW). It was an amazing experience. Now I want a hot Native American for myself and that is KILLING me. :P LOL.

The Indians were so... blunt and unselfconscious and to the point about things, but, at the same time, so unafraid to show their feelings, and unembarrassed about their emotions, and also so kind and accepting! That's what I love about different times/cultures. The screaming differences! If it were the other way, an Indian in the middle of white people, I suspect he wouldn't have been received with half as much respect. Just sayin'.

So, that's all you need to know: this was a fantastic creation, filled with excellent characters and well-researched dates, places and local customs. There's even mystery and crime-solving! Simply put, it's a DELIGHT to read. A forbidden pleasure you'll want to savor slowly, but quickly, and without pause. (it'll make sense if you read it, I assure you). I read it in one sitting and wanted to bite the head off of anyone who dared try to interrupt me. Truly.

Don't judge it by the cover and don't let it pass even if you don't like romance, but like actual history in historicals, or vice versa. It has plenty of both and something for everyone. Too bad the author hasn't written anything else. I felt the same about Jack Knife and The Sterkarm Handshake. ANYWAY, get your used copy TODAY (it's out of print and unavailable in ebook format, unfortunately), but it's really worth it. ;)

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  1. I am a sucker for romantic books about time travel too, will have to look this one up


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